CHAMP Tokenomics


The CHAMP token is a pillar of the Super Champs ecosystem, providing a multi-faceted and engaging means for game players, Community Members, Game Developers, and KOLs to transact in, contribute to, and experience the Super Champs universe, including its games and entertainment content. CHAMP tokens will be launched on Base, a decentralized, permissionless blockchain. Users will interact with the CHAMP token in Super Champs experiences through self-custodied wallets and on-chain smart contracts.

As the native token of the ecosystem, the CHAMP token has three key uses:

  • Purchases: The token can be used to purchase game assets, goods, and services related to the Super Champs ecosystem through in-game and web-based marketplaces (typically at a significant discount). By using a consistent token across games, players get the benefit of accessing premium features without having to deal with the friction of game-specific virtual currencies. They are additionally able to access premium content and features from the Super Champs universe that spans across the games and other media assets.

  • Community Programs: Community members will be able to receive and use the token in a range of Community Rewards programming including:

    • Growth Programs - Seasonal quests intended to grow the ecosystem and enable participants to earn rewards for their contributions

    • Metagames - Experiences that engage and reward community members for loyalty to the ecosystem demonstrated via on-chain commitments, interactions, and participation

  • Governance: The token can be used for governance related to the ecosystem as an avenue for committed community members to help shape its future.

Furthermore, in addition to these uses, the token is intended to support a thriving long-term community benefiting from regular releases of fresh and exciting new game experiences and media content.