Beyond Games

In addition to mobile games, the Super Champs franchise is coming to life across a variety of media formats including NFTs (e.g., the Racket Rampage Genesis collection), animated storytelling, and physical merchandise.

As an initial expression of the Super Champs Universe in animated video, the @superchampkigu TikTok account - created in Kigu’s own mischievous voice! - has already attracted over 150k followers with over 2.5 million views on TikTok just a few short months after launch.

With both standalone shorts and multi-installment narrative arcs, the channel provides an authentic glimpse into Kigu’s life and antics (teleporting to steal his roommate’s food, anyone?) at Super Champs Academy. This social media effort has developed linear animation storytelling capabilities for the ecosystem, and is allowing for the effective prototyping of characters and story arcs that will be expressed through more traditional formats such as an episodic animated series planned to be offered through online platforms such as YouTube and traditional media platforms such as Netflix.

The Super Champs ecosystem’s launch partner has also collaborated with a leading comic-book publisher and top comic book artists to create Super Champs Issue #1: Nukeball vs Wolfenwile - our first premium comic book in a manga style featuring the magic and mayhem of Super Champs Academy. Readers follow Lupey, a new racket-sports recruit, from the moment he’s air-dropped onto campus for his first day with nothing but a radioactive racket and a renegade sneer. Does a scruffy slacker from San Dogeyo have what it takes to stand out among the world’s most elite young superhero athletes? This initial issue, positioned as a collectors item, represents an exciting vector for the continued development of the story universe across traditional media channels.

As the Super Champs franchise and community scale, the project’s vision for multimedia storytelling will expand its reach to other formats, including longer-form and streaming video content, introduction of celebrity characters into these formats, and more. Stay tuned!