Growth Initiatives

Members of the Super Champs community will have access to a distinctive program of engagement and growth programming as part of Community Rewards on a Seasons basis. During each Season, Community Members will be able to earn Super Points by completing a variety of growth- or engagement-related activities (“Quests”). For users who qualify based on their contribution (and meet legal and compliance requirements), these Super Points can then be redeemed for CHAMP tokens at the end of each season based on the relevant emissions and total number of relative Super Points being redeemed.

The objective of these Quests is to attract ecosystem growth and engagement agents into the community and recognize the ecosystem’s most loyal members with an element of ownership. We expect these Growth Initiatives to reward:

  1. Members who contribute to growing the Super Champs games with engaged, authentic players and community members

  2. Members who use the Super Champs Marketplaces to purchase/trade items related to the Super Champs ecosystem

  3. Loyal Community Members who have collected Super Champs NFTs, promoted the ecosystem on social platforms, contributed to content creation, etc.