The CHAMP token serves as a means for fans to purchase premium content related to the Super Champs ecosystem through both in-game and web-based Super Champs marketplaces. Web-based purchases provide advantages to consumers relative to in-game purchases, including discounted prices and exclusive content.

The Super Champs Shop offers diverse game-related assets including:

  1. NFTs (e.g., premium character avatars, high-end gear)

  2. Cosmetics / Skins (e.g., limited-edition in-game characters)

  3. VIP Passes / Subscriptions (e.g., to access premium game experiences, remove advertising, access exclusive content)

  4. Consumables (e.g., in-game currency bundles used for accessing premium content within games)

Community members can also access premium content beyond games using CHAMP tokens, including:

  1. Physical merchandise (e.g., collectible vinyl dolls, wearables)

  2. Super Champs Universe Creative Products (e.g., manga/comics)

  3. IRL events (e.g., VIP Super Champs meet-and-greets, premium community events)

As additional game studios collaborate with the Super Champs Protocol Foundation, the scope of exciting product offerings available to the community will expand, bringing new sources of excitement to ecosystem participants.