NFT Collections

Playable NFT game assets are essential to the Super Champs ecosystem. The initial collection of Genesis Racket Rampage playable character avatars included 3,333 unique non-fungible tokens with distinct traits of varying rarity, including gameplay style, default racket, and visual type. These Genesis NFTs represent the ecosystem's exclusive and premium NFTs which gives holders, massive advantage in gaining access to $CHAMP tokens through airdrops and other community programs.

In addition, in an exciting initiative bridging the real world and the Super Champs universe, a VIP Collection of character avatars brings real-world personalities - sports, influencers, and celebrities - into the Super Champs universe as well. These IP-based Champs, with initial partnerships already on deck with personalities commanding hundreds of millions of followers, bring further relevance and distinctiveness to the range of playable in-game and collectable digital assets available to fans and players in the community.

More details on the community, game, and ecosystem benefits available to holders of the Racket Rampage Genesis collection are outlined here in the announcement of the game’s public beta launch.