Onchain Metagames

The storyworld of the Super Champs Universe provides the setting for novel metagames that reward onchain commitments from and engagement among the community members using the CHAMP token.

Team vs. Team metagame competitions draw their inspiration from Super Champs Academy Residence Houses and Sports Teams such as Bulletsports, Racketsports, Brawlsports, Mayhem Motorsports, and more.

These games enable community members to team up and collaborate to earn a percentage of a dedicated token pool that frequently refreshes along with game objectives. All of these games will reward player actions within the Super Champs ecosystem – purchases, game progress, community growth activities, etc. – with rewards granted proportionally at both the team and individual levels.

To reward CHAMP token commitments made by Metagame participants, this system will use tokens from:

  • Metagame Emissions from an initial allocation that is awarded to players on a block-by-block basis as detailed in the Tokenomics

  • Sustainability Fees that are charged on CHAMP token transactions and allocated to rewarding metagame players

Rewards are automatically distributed on a regular basis (as discussed below) to Community Members who participate in the metagames.