Ecosystem Technology

The Super Champs ecosystem leverages market-leading technology across blockchain infrastructure, game developer tools, and high-quality art creation to effectively extend the universe across a network of mobile games.


The primary token contract will be on Base. For liquidity and compatibility purposes for our players, we intend to continue to provide cross-chain functionality.

Game Developer Tools

Unity-based Game Developer Tools allows developers to build and launch character-centric, multiplayer games with role playing mechanics by configuring and using common game features in this genre. Capabilities that accelerate time to market include engaging metagame features such as tournaments, leaderboards, social features, analytics/AB testing, live operations management, game economy frameworks, media creation, and more.

In addition to game features, the SDK provides core blockchain features to developers as well, including the ability to integrate digital assets, payment capabilities, in-game and web-based marketplace integrations, and wallet functionality into new titles seamlessly and efficiently.

Super Champs Art Pipeline

The Super Champs Art Pipeline provides partner game and media studios with a 3D character and environmental asset and animation pipeline that accelerates content development for the Super Champs universe.

With both high fidelity asset pipelines for cinematic animation as well as optimized game assets for 3D multiplayer games, the Super Champs Universe can come to life across a variety of games or animated media in a fraction of the time for new experiences.

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